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Sana AL Awabdh is a contract lecturer of Biochemistry in University Paris Descartes who has just joined the laboratory (in september 2019), her research will aimed to characterize the impact of environmental polluants on the neuronal development. To this aim, she will combine biochemistry, cell biology and imaging experiments in neuronal cell models.  Concerning her teaching activities, she provides teaching of biochemistry and molecular biology in the first year of medical studies.

After graduating from University Pierre et Marie Curie (Sorbonne University) with a Master degree in “Molecular and cellular biology” specialty “Biochemistry”, Sana specialized in neurobiology, she  did a PhD thesis in Michel Hamon’s lab in Paris in Pitié Salpêtrière hospital, a first postdoctoral training in United Kingdom in Josef Kittler Lab  in University College London (UCL) and came back to Paris for a second postdoctoral training in Fer à Moulin Institute in Jean Christophe Poncer Lab. She investigates the molecular and cellular mechanims regulating the trafficking of receptors and transporters crucial for brain functions in cell cultures and organotypic slices.  To this aim, she uses proteomic analysis, molecular biology, biochemical assays and fixed/live imaging using various microscopy techniques.

Recent Publications