environmental Toxicity, Therapeutic Targets, cellular Signaling and Biomarkers

Who are we?

Unit T3S, constituted of 8 teams, has a general focus on Environmental Toxicity, Therapeutic Targets, Cellular Signaling and Biomarkers.

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Our research team

The Inserm-University Paris Descartes-CNRS T3S unit consists of 8 autonomous teams, each one led by a senior and/or a junior principal investigator. The teams have in common objectives to…

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Our publications

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Since January 2019, UMR-S 1124 Unit has become :

Unit T3S (Environmental Toxicity, Therapeutic Targets, Cellular Signaling and Biomarkers). Our research unit consists of eight teams and explores biological pathways involved in a variety of diseases, characterizing different stressors disrupting those pathways and identifying the most relevant targets for therapeutic approaches. We are particularly interested in stressors such as environmental pollutants and infectious agents. View more

Discover our people

There are different professions in research, discover them through their experiences :

Benoît Schneider

Team leader – Stem cells, signaling & Prions

Céline Tomkievicz-Raulet

Technician –   Metatox team

Nirmal Sampathkumar

PHD – Meylin and nervous system diseases team (Alumni)

Leaders of T3S  unit

Unit Director

Dr. Robert Barouki

Leader Team 1

Pr. Xavier Coumoul

 Leader Team 2

Dr. Benoït Schneider

Leader Team 3

Pr. Charbel Massad

Leader Team 4

Pr. Frédéric Charbonnier

Leader Team 5

Dr. Evelyne Segal-Bendirdjian

Leader Team 6

Dr. Dominique Gauguier

Leader Team 7

Dr. Jérôme Estaquier

Leader Team 8

Dr. Florence Noble

General Secretary

Chafia Outerbah