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Karine Andréau


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Karine Andréau is an Associate Professor of Cellular Biology and Toxicology (Paris Diderot University) and is interested in the regulation of the cell death apoptosis mediated by environmental pollutants. Her main research activities recently have focused on the mesenchymal epithelial transition. Her teaching activities are complementary with her scientific skills and she is in charge of the first year of the Toxicology Master’s Degree Program.

Karine Andréau obtained her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology at University Paris Saclay (1999). During her three post-doctoral fellowships (1999-2004), she worked on the cellular and molecular pathways that are involved in the promotion or inhibition of apoptosis. She joined the Paris Diderot University in 2005 as an Associate professor and focused on the links existing between fine particulate matter (PM) and cell death.

She demonstrated that fine airborne particles prevent apoptosis by activating the aryl hydrocarbon receptor, AhR, (by the PM’s organic components) in combination with the Nrf2 pathway (induced by the PM’s metallic compounds). In 2014, she joined Team 1 of the INSERM Unit 1124 where she has investigated the mesenchymal epithelial transition and fibrosis induced by environmental pollutants (alcohol or dioxin) in human and murine liver and their potential modulations by the antiapoptotic protein DYRK1A.

Recent Publications