Thesis subject : Cellular and molecular mechanisms of drug-induced neurochemical memory and therapeutical perspectives

 My thesis is focused on the spontaneous neurochemical alterations triggered by a chronic drug treatment (either cocaine or morphine) in rat with particular interest on the alterations that take place at the usual hour of drug injection, compared to another time of the day during withdrawal. Along the alterations I’m interested in, I’ve been studying peripheral and central Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (or BDNF) alterations, a neurotrophic factor. Indeed, its expression is altered in some psychiatric diseases and in addiction, it could help as a good biomarker of the relapse risk.

Born in La Rochelle, I obtained my high school degrees in Poitiers, focusing on biology. My licence degree was particularly focused on animal physiology and neurosciences and my master degree was about Biology, Health and Drug Sciences. During my first master’s internship, I studied several aspects of the morphine rewarding effects in mice, topic that I found particularly interesting. Therefore, I joined the neuroplasticity and addiction therapy team during my second year of master and I have been staying there for 3 years now (thesis in progress!). I also had the opportunity to dispense courses in pharmacology, and I really appreciate it! After my thesis, I would like to find a post- doctoral position in an english-speaking contry. If I can, I would appreciate to develop a translational project, with some predictive and/or curative features.  My long-term objective would be to become an associate professor in France, however I am aware of the difficulties to find this kind of position and that it would only be possible after a hard work (that I am ready to do!!) and top journal publications. If you wish to know more about the wonderful person that I am, you can find me room H436, I will be very glad to enlighten your day with my answers 😉

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