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Dr. Damien Le Menuet

INSERM researcher, CR- INSERM
Myelination and Nervous system pathologies

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Damien Le Menuet is INSERM researcher. He develops research projects about the role of steroid and xenobiotic receptors regulating the myelination process.

Mineralocoticoid and Glucococorticoid Receptors (MR and GR respectively) are steroid receptors that both bind glucocorticoid hormones, although acting in different ways. To date, if the role of GR had already been studied in oligodendrocytes (Miyata et al., 2016), and Schwann cells, (Fonte et al., 2005), there is little data on MR action on myelin sheaths (Girard et al., 2010, Groyer et al., 2006). The crucial importance of MR and GR in neuroscience had already been widely demonstrated (Le Menuet and Lombès, 2014) and Damien Le Menuet is committed to better understand the pathophysiological functions of these two receptors in myelination.

Besides, the Xenobiotic Receptor Aryl hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR) was first described as a receptor activated by exogenous molecules identified as environmental pollutants such as dioxins, but it is also able to respond to endogenous ligands such as derivatives of tryptophan. Our group recently identified Ahr as a gene involved in myelination, and in the formation of malignant tumors of the peripheral nerve sheath (Shackleford et al., 2018). In mouse, inactivation of AhR causes motor problems and alteration of the structure of the myelin sheath.

Research Interests:

  • Implication of Mineralocorticoid and Glucocorticoid Receptors in myelination.
  • Role of the AhR Xenobiotic Receptor in myelination
  • Role of the AhR Xenobiotic Receptor in Schwann cell tumorigenesis

Recent Publications